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Our Story

Air pollution has a major impact on civilisation. It causes harm to animal and plant life of the areas affected; it prevents us humans from our daily activities and leads to terminal illnesses. One of the main sources of pollution is motor vehicles, this is the reason why we at Ermin Automotive have decided to engineer the way we move.

“Engineering The Way We Move" isn't just a catchy tag line, we strive to make it a reality. Here at Ermin Automotive making an electric cycle isn't an alternative to traditional vehicle but a way to compete with them.

The existing electric cycles in the market are boring looking with minimalistic ergonomics. They come with uncomfortable designs with unreliable service and high maintenance. Whereas our flagship cycle the "Ermin Miles" is designed in a unique way with an industry first Adaptive Drive that acclimates to the riders cycling habits. It is also the first cycle with a complete mono frame body making it the first of its kind. There isn't any rule stating that you can't have fun while solving problems.


Our Mission

Engineering the way we move.


Our Vision

A sustainable transportation network and landscape.

Our Culture

Adadptable. Reliable. Comfortable. Simple

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Founder's Note
I came up with the idea Ermin Automotive during my 3rd year of under-graduration. From a very young age, I have been into the automotive industry and an fanatic F1 fanboy. I always aspired to innovate something revolutionary in the automotive industry. Noticing the boom in the EV industry, I set out on a journey to grasp the entrepreneurial opportunity, I started Ermin Automotive.

At Ermin Automotive we strived, not only to make practical vehicles, but also emphasis on the design part. Creating a symphony, between practicality and visual esthetic in the products we design.